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How to Choose Industrial Ceiling Fans Bolts?
Date: 10.13.2020     Author: Vanse
As an industrial equipment with special requirements for safety performance,the selection of bolts is directly related to the stability and life of the entire product,so how to choose the bolts of industrial ceiling fans?

As a source manufacturer with 7 years of iindustrial ceiling fan production experience,Vansefan reminds us to use high-strength bolts.High-strength bolts have strong bearing capacity,fatigue resistance,and are not easy to loosen,and can be used in products with complex environments and special load characteristics.Of course,the selection of high-strength bolts also needs to consider the following factors.

1. Material
Correct selection of materials is an important part of the production process of high-strength bolts.Ordinary bolts are often made of Q235 steel,while the bolt rods and nuts of high-strength bolts are often made of high-strength materials,such as No.45 steel,No.40 boron steel,No.20 manganese titanium boron steel 35CrMoA,etc.As fasteners,the raw material should be cold heading steel with high interchangeability produced by cold heading forming process.

The connection principle of high-strength bolts and ordinary bolts is different.Ordinary bolted connection relies on the shear resistance of the bolt rod and the pressure bearing of the hole wall to transmit the shear force,and the pretension generated when the nut is tightened is negligible and will not affect it.The so-called high strength of high-strength bolts is not only reflected in the strength of the material itself,but also in the fact that there is a huge friction between the contact surfaces of the connectors to prevent mutual slippage.This friction is achieved by applying a large pre-tension to the high-strength bolts.Therefore,The size control of the pre-tension is very important.

3. Processing
The process of making high-strength bolts is very complicated,and each process should be considered comprehensively and carefully selected.In order to produce high-quality high-strength bolts,it is necessary to have advanced heat treatment equipment.The process parameters such as heating temperature,holding time and cooling medium should be completely selected according to the corresponding heat treatment manual.Only by correctly formulating the heat treatment process,strictly controlling the process parameters,and standardizing the production operation process,can the mechanical properties of high-strength bolts be fully improved.

High-strength bolts are the core parts of the large industrial ceiling fan fastening system.We need to comprehensively consider many factors such as materials,pre-tension,processing technology and heat treatment technology,select the optimal bolts,and carry out strict quality inspection to fundamentally guarantee the fan's safety.
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