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Livestock premises were the initial places where HVLS fans were utilized. Environmental control of husbandry is concerned with livestock growth, disease resistance, milk production, qualified milk etc. It is not only basic guarantee for production, and disease prevention initiatives, but also directly related to productivity and output benefit.
Most livestock premises, like dairy farm, sheep farm, hoggery are usually semi-open buildings with dirty environment. Small propeller fans cannot regulate the air in the whole shed, and the cost of air conditioning is too high. Large industrial ceiling fans enable full coverage of farming site and activity area, which is the ideal equipment for farm owners.
Industry Challenges
1. In hot summer, the environment temperature is too high to reduce the body surface temperature  effectively, which has a great influence on the food intake, daily weight gain, reproductive capacity and final yield of livestock.
2. In summer and humid seasons, mosquitoes proliferate in feedlots. As insecticides will affect animals, it could not repel mosquitoes effectively.
3. With poor ventilation, airborne germs, livestock is susceptible to get sick. Such disease is easily infected between animals which cause high mortality.
4. If livestock manure cannot be cleaned up in time, it will bring heavy smell, containing hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and others, retaining long time, that can not be dispersed easily. These toxic gases have a strong irritating effect on mucous membranes, and prolonged exposure to such an environment can lead to illness and even death of livestock.
5. As feedlot is large, using cooling and heating equipment, such as air conditioning, will cause high energy consumption and increase feeding cost.
Program Advantages
1. Cooling surface 
Slow rotation of industrial ceiling fan with large diameter will form 3D circulating airflow to cover hoggery and reduce body surface temperature. Suitable temperature makes livestock comfortable, which is beneficial to their appetite, digestion, growth and reproduction.
2. Repelling insects
Large industrial ceiling fan pushes air flow to supply air from upper to lower in a solid way, strengthen air circulation with all-direction, multi-perspectives, no dead-angle, covering the entire feedlot, expelling mosquitoes to prevent livestock from being bitten.
3. Reducing disease
Circulating air flow of industrial fans can quickly exchange with outdoor fresh air to reduce airborne germs and prevent diseases and infections.
4. Purifying air
The air volume generated by the operation of large ceiling fan drives the air flow, which can timely eliminate the harmful gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide in the site, improve air quality, improve living environment and reduce the incidence rate of livestock.
5. Energy-saving
Large ceiling fans consume only 0.8 kWh, effectively reducing costs compared to other equipment.
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