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Large span | High ceiling | High labor intensity | High heat generation | Dust and fumes | Toxic gases
Factory workshop with large span high ceiling, and poor air circulation. The ambient temperature even can reach up to 104-122℉ in hot weather, and the fumes and exhaust gases cannot be exchanged. The workshop is labor-intensive, and the poor cooling effect of small fans will reduce worker efficiency and cause occupational heat stroke. Meanwhile, the cost of full air conditioning plant coverage will be very high.
The application of large industrial ceiling fans in factory workshops can replace small fans and other cooling equipment to achieve ventilation, cooling and air circulation, solve the problems of high temperature, muggy, hypoxia, odor and waste gas. It will greatly save energy consumption with combination of air conditioning.
Industry Challenges
1. Factory has large span and high ceiling, while traditional cooling equipment cannot cover the entire workshop.
2. It is hot and muggy in summer. Prolonged exposure to high temperature and sweltering environment, employees’ reaction speed and computing ability will be significantly reduced to only 70% of normal situation, which is manifested in low mood, bad temper, easy fatigue and reduced work efficiency.
3. Working in hot environment can lead to disruption of body temperature regulation, easy sweating and dehydration, which in turn causes hypoxia and occupational heat stroke.
4. Workshop continuously emits odor, harmful gas, dust, etc. The ventilation of the workshop is poor and cannot discharge in time which will affect the health of employees and increase dimission rate.
5. There are many personnel and equipment with high mobility which will pose security risks.
6. Equipment generates much heat, and equipment in dry and hot environment often fails due to high temperature, which affects production efficiency.
7. Relative humidity is difficult to control, resulting in moldy equipment and products, moths breeding, affecting the life of equipment and product safety.
8. Due to the poor sealing of workshop, common ventilation and cooling system is not effective, while energy consumption is high.
Program Advantages
1. Extra-large coverage
An industrial fan with the diameter of 24ft could cover area with the radius of 72ft. The airflow can spread to an area of 16,145ft2.
2. Ventilation and cooling
The slow rotation of large-diameter industrial fan will drive the air flow in the muggy environment and make the indoor and outdoor air exchange naturally. When a huge and soothing air flow flows through the skin surface, it will take away the heat accumulated on the body surface and blow the sweat, so as to cool the human body by 37-44℉.
3. Air circulation
The large air circulation brought by the huge air volume of the large industrial fan can make the ventilation efficiency once per minute, easily discharge the indoor dust, toxic gas and odor out of the room quickly, so as to form a negative pressure in the whole space. The outdoor fresh air enters the room constantly, forming an ecological circulation effect, keeping the indoor air fresh.
4. Safe with no hidden risks
The large industrial ceiling fan is installed at an upper zone by hoisting, more than 16ft from the ground, so as to effectively avoid the risk from the stand fan, caused by the collision of personnel and vehicles’ mobility.
5. Dehumidification and mildew prevention
While exhausting heat and increasing air circulation, the industrial ceiling fan accelerates the air flow, strengthens the indoor and outdoor air exchange efficiency, discharges the moisture outdoors and changes the fresh air into the room, so as to make the air in the workshop dry and clean.
6. Energy-saving
Industrial ceiling fan consumes only 0.8KWH, whether as separate ventilation and cooling tool or with other equipment, it can quickly balance airflow, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
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