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Vanse Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to R&D, production and sales of equipment for air flow improvement in different scenes, and will provide complete solutions and after-sales service for a life-long time.

Since its establishment, Vanse has always focused on the HVLS Fans industry and has never deviated from the company's goals and values. We developed a number of core patents to ensure the efficiency and safety of fans, and continuously launch new products for different use scenarios.

With mechanical manufacturing experience and deep understanding of HVLS fan industry, adhering to the core values, Vanse develops products powered by technology and provides solutions of sustainable green improvement for the environmental airflow of the world and all mankind.

Developing products and providing solutions in a safe and green way.
  • 2022
    In order to expand the global market, a subsidiary was established.
    Vanse fans have being exported to 30 countries.
    With a total of 19 technical patents, Vanse is a leading hvls fans manufacturer.
    Vanse was ranked as the best ventilation equipment manufacturer by Chinese brands.
  • 2021
    The South Africa service outlet was set up to provide after-sales services.
    The factory was upgraded and passed the ISO certification again.
    The Crab.X3 mobile fan with ultra-long distance air supply is launched.
    A global service department was set up to be responsible for the worldwide.
  • 2020
    The third generation large fans with double buffer was introduced to the market.
    Established the Vanse business department to enter the global market.
    Set the development goal for 2030: serve 20,000 customers around the world.
    Set up a service point in Brazil to provide sales and installation after services.
  • 2019
    Launched a new product, the PMSM large industrial ceiling fan.
    Launched the Buck series polar fan to solve ventilation problems outdoors.
    Upgraded the production and realized the production capacity of 3,000 per month.
    Set up the Southeast Asia marketing headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 2018
    Set up five after-sales service points in China, as the service areas.
    Set up a service network in Singapore to provide installation after-sales service.
    Relocated new plants, introduced equipments to improve production capacity.
    Carried out the intelligent transformation, launched the intelligent control system.
  • 2017
    Attended the 18th China International Machine Tool Equipment Exhibition.
    Attended the 4th China Expo to respond the “Belt and Road”strategic plan.
    Signed a strategic partnership agreement with ABM Greiffenberger.
    Attended the 2017 China International Logistics Technology Exhibition.
  • 2016
    The first generation industrial fans with tenon structure connecting was introduced the market and warmly welcomed by the market.
    Attended the China International Control Technology Exhibition.
    Established the company values: focusing on developing products and providing solutions in a safe and green way.
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Sales and service network of Vanse's HVLS fan has spread all over China. We are moving to the world, providing reliable products and professional service support to the world.
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