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Dismantling Method of Corrosion Bolts of Industrial Fans
Date: 11.23.2020     Author: Vanse
The service life of industrial fans is generally 8-10 years.During this process,some bolts and nuts may be corroded due to environmental reasons,so it is necessary to understand how to properly remove the corroded bolts and nuts.

1. The principle of first tightening and then loosening is adopted.During dismantling,first turn in the direction of tightening,and then loosen;

2.Before disassembly,soak in kerosene.On the one hand,the rust on the surface of a part of the bolt can be removed,and on the other hand,the oil can penetrate into the gap of the bolt and nut along the gap,which is conducive to the removal;

3.Before removing the bolt,tap the nut first,sometimes to obtain a certain gap between the bolt and the nut,and then remove it;

4.impact method.After some bolts and nuts are rusted,they cannot be removed by the above methods.The impact method can be used to remove them,that is,use an iron bar to find the support point on the nut,and then use a hammer (usually larger) to hit hard ,so that the nut is easy to remove after the nut is subjected to a large impact;

5.Local heating method.Use a blowtorch or other heating equipment to heat the nut.On the one hand,the rust on the surface is removed,and on the other hand,the nut is heated and expanded,and a gap is formed between the nut and the bolt,which can be easily removed;

6.Auxiliary tool method.Use a chisel or saw bow to chisel or saw a notch out of the rusted nut,and then disassemble it;

7.chemical method.Use rust remover or rust remover to spray directly on the rusted bolts and nuts,and then remove them after a period of time.This method is easy to cause damage to the equipment and is generally not used.In addition,it is not suitable to use a wrench to remove the rusted nut.It is better to use a socket wrench,because the ordinary wrench is easy to slip,which is not conducive to the removal of the nut.
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