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Industry Features
Spacious | Large | Scorching | Crowded | No cooling equipment
The outdoor places, such as tourist sites, restaurants, arenas, etc., where the sun is shining straight, people always have to stay for a long time. The traditional cooling methods, including small fans and mobile air conditioners, are featured with single point cooling with limited coverage, which will make people too hot to stay.

Vanse Buck series ( large pole fan) and Crab series (mobile ground push fan) that match the features of outdoor occasions, with large coverage and no space occupation, are safe and convenient. Its surface cooling will improve people’s comfort.

Industry Challenges
1. The outdoor open place is large and spacious. The coverage of traditional cooling equipment is small, which can not cover the whole area.
2. The outdoor places where people gather together, are filled with sweat and odour, causing  customers to have a poor experience.
3. It requires a large quantity of traditional cooling equipment to meet the demand, such as small fans, that will occupy much ground space and intricate wires, resulting in safety risks.
4. In wet season, there is too much humidity in the air. The ground is prone to condensation that makes it wet and slippery, hindering people's movement.
Program Advantages
1. Super large coverage
The largest fan blade is 24 foot diameters, covering a large area, whose air flow can diffuse 5-6 times the length of the fan blade.
2. Comfortable surface cooling
The slowly rotating fan blade produces natural wind and gentle airflow, which slowly flows through the human body surface, takes away sweat, and cools the body surface by 37.4-44.6°F.
3. Reduce air odor
The large fan pushes the air to flow, and all kinds of odor and sweat generated by personnel will be pushed out to spread rapidly and keep the air fresh.
4. Reduce safety hazards
Large pole fans are installed in embedded mode, with no exposed wires and no safety hazards.
5. Dissipate condensation
If use large hvls fans in wet days, a large amount of air flow sweeps over the wet ground and object surface, which will quickly dissipate water vapor condensation.
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