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Industry Features
Tall building | Personnel move | Handling equipment | Confined space | High energy consumption |Humidity and condensation
Staff move frequently in the warehouses and logistics centers where is stuffy and lack of ventilation. Only by improving the working environment can we improve work efficiency. There are many goods inside that too high temperature may affect the quality of goods, and too much humidity may cause deterioration. Traditional ventilation and cooling equipment has poor effect, especially in the high warehouse where the air flow is more limited.
Industrial ceiling fans can promote the air circulation, eliminate the muggy, balance the humidity, avoid other ventilation limitation and improve the working environment.
Industry Challenges
1. There is few air circulation inside the warehouse, and the heat is not easy to be distributed. The indoor temperature can reach 38-40℃ in summer, causing productivity to drop sharply.
2. Traditional cooling methods have many disadvantages. Industrial horn fan and station air conditioner can’t make employees comfortable. Installing traditional air conditioner is costly. Materials are prone to deform in the water-cooled evaporation system with too much humidity.
3. There will be much humidity in the warehouse during the rainy season, which is easy to breed bacteria and molds, resulting in the decline of the quality of inventory products.
4. Warehouses in areas with large temperature difference are prone to condensation, which causes ponding, increasing potential safety hazards and accidents, such as power safety, deformation and dumping of stacked cartons, and slipping of employees.
5. There are many handling equipment in the warehouse, such as forklift, automatic robot, etc., and there are many wires for ground cooling equipment, which is prone to safety accidents.
6. The warehouse with a larger cooling area means that a larger cooling system will occupy more space and energy, seriously increasing the cost of the enterprise.
Program Advantages
1. Cooling
Vanse large industrial ceiling fan, as a fan with large air volume and low speed will operate quietly. It can make people within the coverage continuously feel the natural wind with cooling down for 5-6 ° C , effectively improving the working environment and efficiency.
2. Dehumidify
The flowing air sweeps over the object surface, takes away the moist air on the object surface, strengthens air exchange efficiency, drives away the moisture to protect the materials or articles.
3. Anti-condensation
The large industrial ceiling fan accelerates the air flow, discharges the moisture outside and exchanges the fresh air inside so as to reduce the temperature difference and condensation.
4. Safe and occupy no ground space
The large industrial ceiling fan is installed on the top by hoisting, with more than 5m from the ground, does not occupy the ground space that could avoid the danger caused by collision.
5. Energy saving
An industrial ceiling fan consumes only 0.8kw per hour. It can balance the air flow within a short time, promote the efficiency of cooling and heating and reduce energy consumption whether it is used as a separate ventilation tool or work with other refrigeration and HVAC equipment.
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