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Large span | Confined space | Crowded | Stale | Stinky | Stuffy | Inefficient cooling effect
Commercial pubic places, like shopping malls, fitness centers, gymnasiums, stations, airports, docks, churches, etc., are muggy in summer and humid in rainy season. The confined space with turbid air and unsmooth circulation will make people feel anoxic if they stay for a long time. Even turn on the central air conditioner, the rapid air exchanges will bring a bad feeling. Affected by the vast space, temperature will be stratified and uneven that can not cover the whole area, resulting in high costs.
Commercial public buildings with few obstacles which could be the ideal place for HVLS fans. Such HVLS fans could bring air flow in a wide way, air circulation without dead corner, gentle natural breeze, solving the problem of high temperature and uneven distribution, promoting air exchange to create a healthy and comfortable business environment.
Industry Challenges
1. Traditional cooling equipment is inefficient that can not fully cover the large commercial public space.
2. The commercial public space is relatively confined with crowed people, thick CO2 and stinky air. People will feel dizzy, dyspn and nauseated that they don’t prefer to stay for a long time.
3. The confined commercial places with slow air exchanges and poor air quality, harmful microorganisms, like bacteria and viruses are easily to breed and multiply that reduces immune system activity. Inhaling more air pollutants will severely affect the healthy status.
4. Some commercial public places open regularly, such as churches, convention and showrooms. During the opening period, there is dense flow of people, while those places are vacant most of time. Therefore, the cost of installing central air conditioning is huge.
5. In wet season, there is too much humidity in the air, reducing people’s comfort. The ground is prone to condensation that makes it wet and slippery, hindering people’s movement.
6. In summer, although central air conditioning is installed in classy shopping malls, the cooling effect is inefficient and the energy consumption is high as the space is large. Due to the temperature difference, people are prone to catch a cold and have a fever.
7. In winter, the hot air accumulates at the ceiling. Even if the temperature controller is set at 73.4 °F, the temperature on the floor is 46.4°F to 55.4 °F, while the temperature in the ceiling is 82.4 °F. People on the floor still feel cold, and the working and activity environment is uncomfortable, which leads to a serious waste of energy.
Program Advantages
1. Full cooling with large coverage
A large industrial fan with a diameter of 24’ can cover the ground with a radius of 72’, and the air flow can spread to an area of 16,146 sq.feet. Natural wind and gentle airflow, which slowly flows through the human body surface, takes away sweat, and cools the body surface by 37.4-44.6°F.
2. Fresh air exchange to improve air quality
HVLS fans pushes the fresh air over the buildings with low CO2 concentration to the floor of the mall by promoting the air flow, and circulates and exchanges with the outdoor fresh air, which greatly improves the air quality inside the space, so as to improve the comfort of personnel.
3. Circulating air flow to bring health
HVLS fan pushes large air flow to the floor, forming a certain height of air flow layer on the ground, so as to promote air circulation. The circulating air can be quickly discharged through the doors and windows or roof vents, reducing bacteria and ensuring the health of personnel.
4. Low cost and free maintenance
After years of development, HVLS fans have been popularized, and the cost is getting lower. Compared with expensive cooling and heating equipment, the cost of fans is relatively low, with the power consumption per hour no more than 1 kWh. There is no need for regular maintenance.
5. Accelerating air flow to remove moisture
HVLS fans can enhance air exchange efficiency and remove moisture in the air. Accelerating the flow of air can accelerate the evaporation of water vapor and prevent condensation.
6. Destratification, energy conservation and environmental protection
HVLS fans, combined with traditional cooling and heating equipment, can quickly balance the indoor cooling and heating air flow, eliminate stratification, reduce the operation time of cooling and heating equipment, and help business operators significantly reduce the power cost.
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