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The structures of vanse big hvls ceiling fan
Date: 3.29.2023     Author: Vanse
The most basic components of vanse big hvls ceiling fan include connection structures, power structures, airflow structures, control structures, and accessories.

The structures of vanse big hvls ceiling fan
The structures of vanse big hvls ceiling fan

The connecting structure is used to connect the main structure of a fan with the I-beam and concrete beam, including: fixture, pressure plate pads (fixed with roof), installation board (fine -tuning the balance) and connection rod (adjust the height of the ceiling fan).

The power structure provides power output for the hvls fan, including a reduction motor or brushless motor (the source of power for fans), a frame (also known as a casing to protect the motor), and a hub (also known as a wheel plate, which transmits power to the fan blades).

The airflow structure is the part of a large ceiling fan that generates airflow, including blades, petioles, and related connections.

The control structure is the control part of a large industrial ceiling fan, which undertakes the current input, protection, and rotational speed adjustment functions of the equipment, including frequency converters, switches, etc.

Other accessories, mainly are bolts, cables, turn buckle, wire ropes, etc, used during the installation of hvls ceiling fan.
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