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Will the blade of hvls fan fall off after a long time?
Date: 11.28.2022     Author: Vanse
Fan blade of traditional ceiling fans and large industrial fans may break or fall off if have been used for a long time, sometimes even cause safety accidents. Safety will be paid special attention when customers purchase large industrial hvls fan. They are afraid of blade falling.

Will the blade of the new hvls fan fall off? The answer is: No. If you want to ensure the safety of the fan blade, it has a lot to do with the material and the mode of connection. As long as you guarantee these, the fan will not be accidentally broken or dropped.

There are mainly two kinds of materials for large industrial fan blades. One is aluminum extrusion molding, which is easy to fracture with impurities, pores and low density, strength and toughness; The other is the 5052 pure aluminum alloy, which is shaped by break-shaping. The most significant feature of aviation aluminum alloy is brightness and durability with high strength and flexibility.

Vanse hvls fan blades
Vanse hvls fan blades

Fans could be accidentally collided by other obstacles, such as crane. Vanse has conducted an impact test which simulates the collision when the fan suddenly hits an obstacle during operation. It shows that only the front end of the blade made of aviation aluminum alloy is deformed, no fracture and dropping, while the aluminum extruded fan blade is deformed, fractured and dropped.

Vanse makes the hub and the groove of the blade handle interlocked to form a whole. The root of the handle is connected at a circular C-angle and fixed at 360 ° evenly. The fan blade and the blade handle are equipped with a damping buffer device. The two damping sleeves and the blade handle are integrated through the "interference fit" technology. When the blade handle is connected with the blade, the damping device can release high-frequency vibration to ensure that the bolt is not subject to impact.

Vanse is committed to ensuring the safety of employees and customers in terms of  materials for hvls fans and the unique mode of connection.
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