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Vanse HVLS Fan Help Wineries Improve Quality
Date: 6.13.2022     Author: Vanse
Wine is an alcoholic drink made by fermented substances containing starch or sugar  such as grains and fruits. For thousands of years, it has been deeply loved by people around the world. In order to keep high-quality, attention should not only be paid to   brewing technology, but also to storage conditions of wine. Wine is generally stored in the wine cellar. Constant environment is the key to wine storage. VANSE hvls fan can help cellars control the ambient temperature and humidity.

VANSE HVLS Fan in Winery

The storage temperature of wine is 50-68 °F, and the ideal humidity is between 30% and 80%. The flavor of wine is astringent and excessive oxidation may cause wine to deteriorate under high temperature. Too little humidity will affect the sealing effect, allow more air to contact with wine, accelerate oxidation and cause wine to deteriorate. Breweries generally store wine in cellars and use air conditioners to cool down, which is not only easy to breed microorganisms, but also costs a lot every year.

Vanse researched and developed the hvls fan based on aerodynamics and aviation technology. When the fan is running, massive airflow is generated through the slow rotation of the blade, which is pushed to the ground in a cone shape from ceiling, and then flows horizontally. It will be pushed upward to the ceiling after encountering the horizontal airflow, so as to strengthen the air circulation with all-direction, multi angle and no dead corner, eliminate stratification, and keep temperature and humidity consistent.
The installation of VANSE hvls ceiling fan in the breweries can realize the monitoring of the temperature and humidity of the cellar, which can not only ensure the wine quality, but also greatly reduce the operating costs of the enterprise.

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