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Large Pole Fans Help Cool Outdoor Restaurants
Date: 4.17.2022     Author: Vanse
Nowadays, the city is surrounded by cement, and people begin to pursue simplicity. Outdoor restaurants are becoming popular. They are integrated with the environment, like sea, forest and night sky. Diners can have delicious food while enjoying the gentle sea breeze, the freshest air and warming sunshine. People can relax when eating on the top floor of the building with the lights and the starlight shining.  
Few people choose outdoor restaurants in summer for hot and mosquitoes. People tried various cooling devices, but they achieved little. Volume of ordinary ceiling fans is not enough, wall mount fans don't look elegant, and the air conditioners can't be installed outdoors. VANSE large pole fans emerge as the times require with strong cooling effects to make environment comfortable in all seasons.

Based on advanced scientific and technological concepts, VANSE large pole fan has fully met the demands of users for high volume and low speed (HVLS). Its unique fan blades have higher air pushing efficiency and larger air volume. When the VANSE the fan is running, it drives airflow through slow rotation of the huge fan blades. The breeze simulates natural wind, and customers will feel air supply from all directions, covering the whole body to maximize sweat evaporation and lower the body temperature by 39.2-44.6℉, thus forming a breeze system that resembles nature.
When the outdoor restaurant is equipped with a VANSE large pole fan, it can cool the environment down and repel mosquitoes at the same time, so that customers can feel cooler even when they are outdoors, and businesses can prosper in summer.
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