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Application of HVLS Fan in Open Workshop
Date: 1.16.2022     Author: Vanse
Open workshops are common in large workshops, especially in the machinery, hardware accessories and other processing industries. The open workshop is very comfortable in most time, except summer! The high temperature in summer is a major problem faced by open workshops.
An open workshop means a non-confined production workshop. It is applied when the product does not have strict requirements for the production environment. Cooling in summer has become a problem because the workshop is open. The open workshop is generally a large space, similar to the steel structure workshop we often see. Due to the large space of this type of plant, it is difficult to cool down in summer.

The common cooling methods in the production workshop include air conditioner cooling, ceiling fan cooling and pedestal fan cooling. If you were asked to solve the problem of cooling for the open workshop in summer, which way would you choose?
Air conditioner: Air conditioner is indeed a magic tool for office cooling, but for open spaces, the cooling effect will be slightly worse, especially for tall open workshops. Moreover, the investment fund for use of air conditioners will be huge.
Ceiling fan: It is not a good solution to use a small ceiling fan for cooling in a large space. This method is nothing but a drop in the bucket, with low efficiency, high failure rate and low safety performance.
Pedestal fan: Pedestal fan can directly cool people down, but the problem is wires, and each fan can only be used by one person with low efficiency. It has an impact on the production environment, which is easy to affect safety of electricity use.
The above three are traditional cooling methods. In addition to these three methods, we now have another choice-industrial ceiling fans for cooling.
The large hvls fan is very useful for ventilation and cooling in open workshops. Its special structure enables a single fan to cover a huge area of 2,000 ㎡. The energy consumption is far more below than that of air conditioners, ceiling fans and pedestal fans with high efficiency and little impact on the environment !
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