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HVLS Fan and "Small" Bolt
Date: 11.18.2021     Author: Vanse
The machine has become a solid integral with the connection and fixation of many bolts, which can make it operate freely and give play to its huge working capacity. Although the bolt is small, its function is immeasurable. Similarly, an hvls fan (large industrial ceiling fan) is composed of many parts, and the bolt is just a tiny part of it. It is precisely because of it that many parts can be connected and fixed together, and finally a complete and solid industrial fan is created.

Safety is the priority during the operation of hvls fan. Being used for fixation and connection, bolt is one of the most important parts. Therefore, the selection of bolt must ensure quality, otherwise it will affect the operation and service life of the fan, and will also cause safety hazards.
VANSE is always committed to ensuring the safety and health of customers, developing products with high standards and strict standards. There are more than 10 kinds of grade for bolt. VANSE hvls fan adopts hex bolt of the highest 12.9 grade, with tensile strength of 1200MPa and yield strength of 1080MPa, and it is reinforced by LOCTITE 648 screw glue, truly ensuring the safe and reliable operation of equipment. The preload or tightening torque of bolt is also strictly regulated to ensure reliability of it.

During operation, bolt will become loose due to vibration and impact. Therefore, when selecting bolt, in addition to material, performance, characteristics and uses, we should consider how to prevent loosening and improve strength. As one of the manufacturers of large industrial fans, VANSE selects each component in a more comprehensive and stricter way to produce high-quality and safe products.
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