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Why does HVLS Fan use FT as the Unit?
Date: 9.26.2021     Author: Vanse
HVLS fan hasmany different sizes, including 8FT, 10TF, 16FT, 24FT, etc., depending on the use environment and height. Why use FT as the unit?

Because HVLS industrial fan was invented by an American company in 1999, FT is used as the size unit in the market for the convenience of international trade. FT, namely foot, is an imperial unit of length. It is the unit of length of the United States, Britain and its colonies. It is universally used in the world. 1 foot=30.48 cm=0.3048 meters. However, because other countries in the world do not have a clear concept of the length of foot, most manufacturers in many countries are still used to using meters as the unit of industrial ceiling fans.
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