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Does the Industrial Ceiling Fan Has Noise when Running?
Date: 4.16.2021     Author: Vanse
Although the industrial ceiling fan is an industry that has only emerged in recent years,it has become a weapon for cooling and ventilation in many industries in summer,especially in tall industrial plants,logistics warehouses,waiting rooms,gymnasiums and exhibition halls and other tall spaces.Industrial ceiling fans will inevitably produce a certain amount of noise during operation,but don't panic,it does not mean that the machine is faulty.Today,let's talk about the noise sources in the operation of large industrial ceiling fans?

Any kind of machinery and equipment will produce noise,even our computer case will have "loud" noise,not to mention the giant industrial fan? Therefore,when you hear the noise of the industrial fan,you must not panic too much.The key is to calmly check the source of the noise and analyze the cause.So how to query and analyze it?

In fact,there are three main sources of noise in the operation of industrial large fans,namely wind noise,vibration and abnormal noise.Let's discuss these three types of noise together:
Wind noise: Wind noise is mainly caused by the pulsation of the pressure distribution on the blade caused by the gas flowing through the blade when the industrial large fan blade is running.In fact,it is the same principle as the wind noise generated by the floor fans used in our homes,and the larger the air volume of the industrial large fan,the larger the wind noise.

Vibration: The large industrial fan will inevitably generate vibration when it is running,but the noise caused by the vibration is generally not very large.

Abnormal noise: The sound produced by wind noise and vibration is completely different from the abnormal noise.If you find that there are other noises in addition to wind noise and vibration when the industrial large fan is running,it is likely to be the industrial large ceiling fan.Some parts have failed.In this case,it is recommended to turn off the large industrial fan immediately and conduct a comprehensive inspection.If there is still abnormal noise after the inspection,it is recommended to contact the manufacturer for processing.

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