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Precautions for The Use of Industrial Ceiling Fans
Date: 3.15.2021     Author: Vanse
The ceiling fan is named after it is suspended from the ceiling.Like the ceiling fan,the industrial ceiling fan is installed on the beam of the workshop.When the industrial ceiling fan is installed,the mounting plate and the beam are fixed together with bolts,including concrete beams,I-beam beams,For room beam structures such as round tube steel beams,steel wire ropes are used to wrap the connecting seat and the room beam together to prevent the ceiling fan from sliding and falling as a whole.

Industrial ceiling fans need to be installed at the vents.If there are no vents above the ceiling fan installation point,it will affect its ventilation and cooling effect,especially in relatively closed spaces.

Every year,before the industrial ceiling fan is used,it is necessary to test the operation when there is no one under the ceiling fan to check whether there are abnormal conditions such as unstable vibration,smoke,abnormal sound,and odor.can be used later.

Before using an industrial ceiling fan,it is necessary to check all components,such as whether the boom,bolt,hub,fan blade,etc.are loose,deformed,or cracked.If such abnormal conditions occur,they need to be repaired and replaced in time.Every 2-3 years,the degree of wear of screws and pins should be checked,and those found to be severely worn should be replaced in time.There is a lot of dust in some workshops,and these dusts will also affect the working effect of industrial ceiling fans.Therefore,it is necessary to remove dust before use every year.Conventional geared motor industrial ceiling fans need to be regularly added with lubricating oil,and the lubricating oil is added to the standard line.ready to use.

When starting an industrial ceiling fan,some people are accustomed to starting from the fast gear,and some people are used to starting from the slow gear.If the industrial ceiling fan has no quality problems,these two starting methods can be used.
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