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Wire Ropes Maintenance of Vanse Industrial Ceiling Fans
Date: 2.24.2021     Author: Vanse
After a summer of use for industrial ceiling fans,it is necessary to carry out a maintenance check on the fans in autumn and winter.In this article,our company summarizes and shares the maintenance work of steel wire ropes in daily maintenance work.

Wire ropes of industrial ceiling fans

Wire ropes of industrial ceiling fans

The industrial fan wire rope is mainly used in the winding of the motor,the connecting rod,the installation base and the balance tension of the fan in four directions.The common wire rope damage is mainly broken wire,wear,corrosion,etc.

The broken wire of the wire rope is usually caused by fatigue,wear,corrosion and other reasons,so that the steel wire in the wire rope is broken.According to relevant research,the possibility of fracture of wire rope under long-term load is less than 29%,and the degree of flexibility of wire rope has a great correlation with the proportion of damage.

The wear of the wire rope and the reduction of the rope diameter are closely related,and the degree of wear is generally measured by measuring the diameter of the wire rope.In the specific use process,the surface quality of the steel rope is not particularly good,and it is easy to be damaged,and the diameter of the steel rope will be damaged.Or it is unreasonable that the continuous expansion of the broken area of the rope will reduce the usable strength of the rope.Experiments have shown that the loss of strength of steel wire rope is proportional to the wear rate of the diameter of the steel wire rope,and the single-sided wear is about twice the strength loss of uniform wear.

The corrosion of steel wire rope mainly occurs in the working environment with high humidity and easy corrosion,especially in the acid space,the corrosion is more serious.Corrosion not only reduces the tensile force of the wire rope,but also has the most serious impact on its impact resistance.

In order to avoid the above problems,we need to maintain the industrial fan wire rope regularly.First of all,we need staff to inspect the wire rope,mainly through visual inspection and auxiliary tools to judge whether the wire rope has quality problems and looseness,and make corresponding treatment.Then,the wire rope needs to be lubricated with oil.Applying lubricating oil has three functions: it can protect the steel wire from rusting and play a lubricating role; reduce the wear of the steel wire rope,prevent moisture and moisture from immersing in the rope; and supplement the oil amount of the rope core.There are also requirements for the selection of lubricating oil: good viscosity,which can make the grease adhere closely to the rope,and cannot be thrown off by vibration and water; no drying phenomenon will occur under the condition of very low temperature; In the case of high,no dissolution will occur.

Industrial ceiling fans are used in a variety of environments.The service life of the steel wire rope is directly related to the maintenance work.Only by regularly inspecting and maintaining the steel wire rope can the service life of the steel wire rope be prolonged and the safety of the industrial fan guaranteed.
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