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Ventilation Solution for Petrochemical Plant Workshop
Date: 8.20.2020     Author: Vanse
With the improvement of production and environmental protection requirements,all walks of life have more and more strict requirements on ventilation in the workshop,and the ventilation design of petrochemical workshops has become more and more demanding.The ventilation design is not only to meet production requirements,but also to people's lives.It is closely related to the safety of national property.Many enterprises gradually consider the environmental quality of the workshop as an important design content in the process of project construction.Among them,the most widely used ventilation method is the use of large industrial ceiling fans.How to play a role in chemical plant ventilation?

HVLS fan in petrochemical plant workshop

The design of the ventilation system of the petrochemical plant is divided into two purposes: one is to ensure the normal operation of the production process system and to eliminate the waste heat and inflammable and explosive harmful gases generated in the production of the process equipment.Accident ventilation when dangerous gases are emitted in large quantities.

The exhaust air of the petrochemical plant is guaranteed by the frequently used exhaust system and the accident exhaust system.In order to ensure that at least one system can operate normally when an accident occurs,the total number of exhaust systems should not be less than two.The general process equipment and pipelines in the chemical plant are compactly arranged and the space is small.Before designing the exhaust system,the location of the exhaust equipment must be coordinated with the builder to ensure that the workshop does not leave dead corners and can effectively discharge harmful and flammable gases to the outside.

In the production workshop where waste heat is released,natural ventilation should be adopted.According to the specific gravity effect of harmful gases in the air,we should negotiate with the construction party to set up skylights or ventilation caps on the upper part of the roof to dilute the harmful substances to the allowable concentration; When the natural ventilation cannot meet the process requirements,a mechanical exhaust system should be installed.When there is a production workshop with centralized heating and exhaust,the natural supplementary air should be considered first.When the natural supplementary air cannot meet the requirements,a mechanical supplementary air system should be installed.

Therefore,whether it is an industrial plant that generally emits waste heat or an industrial plant that emits harmful gases,in addition to ensuring conventional ventilation methods such as skylights or ventilation caps,combined with large industrial ceiling fans,it can greatly meet the requirements of air conditioning.The airflow formed by the huge fan blades of the industrial ceiling fan is pushed towards the ground in a conical shape from top to bottom,and flows in the horizontal direction to the ground.After encountering the lateral obstruction or the horizontal airflow of the adjacent fan,it is pushed upward to the roof,and the circulating air can be quickly Exchange with outdoor fresh air through doors and windows or roof fans,so as to strengthen air circulation in all directions,multiple angles,and no dead ends.A large industrial ceiling fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters can generate an air volume of 14,130 cubic meters per minute,which is completely better than the requirements of the chemical plant ventilation design specifications.

Air circulation of hvls fan

For the ventilation system design of petrochemical plants,it is necessary to calculate the normal ventilation volume and accident exhaust volume according to the actual situation of the project,the conditions proposed by the builder,and the types and properties of harmful gases.When installing conventional vents,match the appropriate size.A large industrial ceiling fan to achieve the best and most economical ventilation design.
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